Who are we?

LIKE is coordinated and implemented by an interdisciplinary team of researchers, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Approach to Healthy Weight (AAGG) and the East-district municipality of Amsterdam. LIKE is funded by ZonMw and the Dutch Heart Foundation and is promoted to potential participants in the district as part of the program 'So we stay healthy' (Zo blijven wij gezond).

Back row from left to right: Vincent Busch, Lieke van Houtum, Emma van den Eynde, Antoinette Kamsteeg, Susan van de Vlasakker, Teatske Altenburg, Amika Singh, Azadèh Farokhi, Anne Hofstede.

Front row from left: Jutka Halberstadt, Arnoud Verhoeff, Carry Renders, Meredith Overman, Mai Chin A Paw, Angie Luna Pinzon, Karien Stronks, Coosje Dijkstra, Jaap Seidell, Tanja Vrijkotte, Stef Kremers.

Op de foto ontbreken: Roel Hermans, Helga Emke, Wilma Waterlander, Erica van den Akker, Karen den Hertog, Wilma Nusselder, Hein Raat, Manou Anselma, Naomi de Pooter, Jillian O’Mara.

The LIKE consortium

The LIKE approach is developed by researchers from Amsterdam UMC (AMC: prof. Karien Stronks, dr. Wilma Waterlander, dr. Tanja Vrijkotte; VUmc: prof. Mai Chin A Paw, dr. Teatske Altenburg, dr. Amika Singh), Erasmus MC (prof. Hein Raat, dr. Erica van den Akker, dr. Wilma Nusselder), University of Maastricht (prof. Stef Kremers, dr. Roel Hermans) and the Vrije University (Prof. Jaap Seidell, Dr. Coosje Dijkstra, Dr. Jutka Halberstadt, Dr. Carry Renders), in collaboration with the Amsterdam Healthy Weight Approach (Karen den Hertog and Anne Hofstede), the Amsterdam Public Health Service (Prof. Arnoud Verhoeff, Dr. Vincent Busch, Dr. Lieke van Houtum and Susan van de Vlasakker) and the East-district Amsterdam municipality (Antoinette Kamsteeg). Private parties also participate in LIKE, notably THNK, Totem Open Health, Designathon and Vondelgym.

The five PhD students who set up, conduct and evaluate the LIKE research are: Meredith Overman, Helga Emke, Emma van den Eynde, Azadèh Farokhi and Angie Luna Pinzon.

Scientific Advisory Board

An (international) scientific advisory board advises the LIKE consortium on matters related to research on socio-economic health disparities in lifestyle. The advisory board consists of the following members:

  • Prof. Steven Allender (Deakin University, Australië)
  • Prof. Harry Rutter (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Groot-Brittannië)
  • Prof. Michael Wright (Catholic University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Duitsland)
  • Prof. Louise Potvin (University of Montreal, Canada)
  • Dr. Janine Jurkowksi (University at Albany, USA)
  • Prof. Paul Gately (Leeds Beckett University, Groot-Brittannië)
  • Prof. Corinna Hawkes (University of London, Groot-Brittannië)