Work packages

The implementation of the LIKE approach takes place through five different work packages, carried out by different researchers and professionals. Each work package focuses on a different component of the LIKE approach. For example, an impact study is conducted and work is done to disseminate the results and methodologies used to other settings.

Work Package 1

Development of the LIKE Approach.

It is important to develop a program that motivates and encourages youth, their parents and other key stakeholders to maintain and/or adopt a healthy lifestyle. This starts with a needs assessment. This involves mapping the perspective of young people, parents and stakeholders involved with regard to their current views, habits, needs, opportunities and barriers around nutrition, physical activity, sitting and sleeping behavior.

Based on this survey, tailor-made interventions are devised and developed in co-creation with the target group.

Work Package 1 Publications

Abawi, O.; Welling, M.S.; Eynde, E.; Rossum, E.F.C.; Halberstadt, J.; Akker, E.L.T.; Voorn, B. COVID ‐19 Related Anxiety in Children and Adolescents with Severe Obesity: A Mixed‐methods Study. Clin. Obes. 2020, 10, 1–6, doi:10.1111/cob.12412.

Grootens-Wiegers, P.; van den Eynde, E.; Halberstadt, J.; Seidell, J.C.; Dedding, C. The “Stages Towards Completion Model”: What Helps and Hinders Children with Overweight or Obesity and Their Parents to Be Guided towards, Adhere to and Complete a Group Lifestyle Intervention. Int. J. Qual. Stud. Health Well-being 2020, 15, doi:10.1080/17482631.2020.1735093.

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Waterlander, W.E.; Pinzon, A.L.; Verhoeff, A.; Den Hertog, K.; Altenburg, T.; Dijkstra, C.; Halberstadt, J.; Hermans, R.; Renders, C.; Seidell, J.; et al. A System Dynamics and Participatory Action Research Approach to Promote Healthy Living and a Healthy Weight among 10–14-Year-Old Adolescents in Amsterdam: The LIKE Programme. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2020, 17, 1–18, doi:10.3390/ijerph17144928.

Waterlander, W.E.; Singh, A.; Altenburg, T.; Dijkstra, C.; Luna Pinzon, A.; Anselma, M.; Busch, V.; van Houtum, L.; Emke, H.; Overman, M.L.; et al. Understanding Obesity-Related Behaviors in Youth from a Systems Dynamics Perspective: The Use of Causal Loop Diagrams. Obes. Rev. 2021, 22, 1–16, doi:10.1111/obr.13185.

Welling, M.S.; Abawi, O.; Van Den Eynde, E.; Van Rossum, E.F.C.; Halberstadt, J.; Brandsma, A.E.; Kleinendorst, L.; Van Den Akker, E.L.T.; Van Der Voorn, B. Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Related Lockdown Measures on Lifestyle Behaviors and Well-Being in Children and Adolescents with Severe Obesity. Obes. Facts 2022, 15, 186–196, doi:10.1159/000520718

Work Package 2

Implementation of the LIKE Approach

The goal of this work package is to facilitate and support the implementation of the LIKE approach in three neighborhoods in Amsterdam East, within the Amsterdam Healthy Weight Approach (AAGG).

Work package 2 publications

Van Den Eynde, E.; Camfferman, R.; Putten, L.R.; Renders, C.M.; Seidell, JC; Halberstadt, J Changes in the Health-Related Quality of Life and Weight Status of Children with Overweight or Obesity Aged 7 to 13 Years after Participating in a 10-Week Lifestyle Intervention Child. Obes. 2020, 16, 412–420, doi:10.1089/chi.2020.0070.

Additional publications are being prepared…

Work Package 3

Process and impact evaluation of the LIKE-approach

In this working group the LIKE-approach is evaluated from a system dynamic framework. The central question here is whether or not the approach has made a difference for the young people in Amsterdam East. In the effect evaluation we use data that are collected in the Sarphati Cohort among all children in Amsterdam. Using these data, we can examine how the lifestyle and weight status of children in East develops compared to those in other parts of the city. In this way we will gain insight into the effect of the LIKE-approach.

Work Package 3 Publications

Luna Pinzon, A.; Stronks, K.; Dijkstra, C.; Renders, C.; Altenburg, T.; den Hertog, K.; Kremers, S.P.J.; Chinapaw, M.J.M.; Verhoeff, A.P.; Waterlander, W. The ENCOMPASS Framework: A Practical Guide for the Evaluation of Public Health Programmes in Complex Adaptive Systems. Int. J. Behav. Nutr. Phys. Act. 2022, 19, 1–17, doi:10.1186/s12966-022-01267-3

Additional publications are being prepared…

Work package 4

Modeling future effects of the LIKE-approach on cardiovascular disease

The goal of this working group is to gain insight into the potential impact of the LIKE approach on the development of cardiovascular disease later in life. The DYNAMO-HIA model will be used.

Publications are being prepared..

Work package 5

Dissemination of (results from) the LIKE approach

The goal of this work package is to share the methods, results and intervention materials with scholars, policy makers, practitioners and community providers. They can then apply the lessons we have learned, for example, in other municipalities.