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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LIKE?

LIKE (Lifestyle Innovations Based on youth’s Knowledge and Experience) is a five-year project in which the promotion of a healthy lifestyle of young people in the transition period from primary to secondary school (10-14 years) with a low socio-economic position is central. In this project, lifestyle includes exercise, sedentary behaviour, nutrition and sleep.

Where does LIKE take place?

The research is being conducted in the Oosterparkbuurt, the Dapperbuurt and the Transvaalbuurt of Amsterdam.

What is the reason for the LIKE study?

The reason for this research is that overweight and obesity remain an important health problem among young people. Among groups with a low socio-economic position (SEP), and specifically among young people with a migrant background, the prevalence of overweight and obesity remains high.

Who is conducting this research?

The five PhD students who set up, conduct and evaluate the LIKE research are:
Meredith Overman, Helga Emke, Emma van den Eynde, Azadèh Farokhi and Angie Luna Pinzon.

They are supervised in their work by an interdisciplinary team of scientists working at various universities in the Netherlands. The consortium is coordinated by Prof. Karien Stronks (Amsterdam UMC).